CACABURRAS - Spirit of our College | Coomera Anglican College

The College mascot is the "Cacaburra".  The name is derived from combining the College initials of "CAC" with that of the Australian kookaburra which is the central symbol of the logo.

The kookaburra is charaterised by steely vision, with a patient inquisitive eye on the world, as it actively seeks its prey, looking to take flight and strike with commitment and determination. The laugh and song of the kookaburra are symbolic of the joy and community feel that all in our College experience every day.

In aboriginal mythology, one Dreaming says [*], "the Great Spirit Biami created the first Kookaburra to call out when the sun rose each morning to awaken the people and day creatures. He did this with a loud, ringing laugh so the people and creatures awoke with gladness in their hearts; and so the Great Spirit Biami was happy too".

Cacaburra Logo


What it means to be a Cacaburra is summed up in these very simple words:

"Many Minds One Heartbeat."

All Inclusive

The Cacaburra mascot, unlike the mascot of many schools which limit the use of their mascot to sporting pursuits, is an all inclusive brand that covers all representative pursuits in the College.  If a student represents the College in any activity they do so proudly as a Cacaburra.

All representaive activities, and the efforts of our students in their chosen activity, are seen as equally important, and valued equally.

This includes but is not limited to APS activities, music, sport, debating, public speaking, drama, chess, and academic competitions.  

Logo Design

The colours of the logo are consistent with the blue and sage green that are central in the design of the College logo.  The logo design is appealing to both boys and girls and is modern, yet timeless, in its appearance.  We are very proud of our Cacaburras brand and what it stands for, and believe that the truly inclusive nature of what we do is unique amongst schools.

The logo is a registered trademark of the College and cannot under any circumstances be used or reproduced without permission from the College.  Requests must go through the Principal or Business Manager.



* Isaacs, Jennifer (ed.)  “Australian Dreaming.” Also Ellis, Jean A. “This is the Dreaming.”; Reed, A.W. “Aboriginal Myths, Legends & Fables.”